Pirivacy Policy

It is our policy that all staff within Intech Systems Corp, provide our customers with a broad range of project management and consultancy services across a variety of disciplines, with professionalism and a consistent level of quality which will ensure that we continue to meet customers’ requirements and expectations.

The processes and activities undertaken are written into the Systems Manual and accompanying procedures that are readily available to all employees. The procedures are kept under review by means of auditing and management review processes. These processes maintain the suitability of the existing system and provide a means of implementing improvements on a continual basis.

Our Management System is key to satisfying our customers’ requirements and demands (as well as current statutory and regulatory requirements), and is fundamental to the delivery of our strategic business plan and providing our services to the market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Management System has been structured to provide continual improvement and development in the delivery of our services and the performance of our business. PCS will continue to develop its Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure it meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and consistently maintain standards at or above this level.

Quality objectives consistent with this policy are set throughout the company, and are measured and monitored as part of the Management Review process. These objectives are reviewed annually in line with this policy.
This policy describes how we collects, uses, shares, and secures information on our owned and operated websites, mobile applications and other properties. Although you should read through the entire policy for complete information, the following provides a summary of some of the most important aspects of our privacy practices:

:- We use your personal information to provide you with products, services, and information.
:- We may share your personal information with third parties in some situations, such as if you decide to communicate with a company that advertises through our application.
:- We are committed to working with you to reach the right balance of what information we collect, use, and share, by providing you with ways to control information that we collect, through our opt-out mechanisms.
:- We take reasonable measures to secure your sensitive personal information, but we cannot promise, and you should not expect, that your sensitive personal information will remain secure in all circumstances.

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We are a professional, approachable, highly skilled and trained team with a proven track record and a loyal customer base. We are neither a ‘one man band’ nor a very large service provider which allows us to deeply understand our clients business and IT needs.

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