Intech Systems Corp - Management Team

The Company boasts a highly experienced and knowledgeable management team. This comprises a Board which sets the Company’s strategic aims, Board Committees which report to the Board, and an Executive Committee which is responsible for implementing and executing the Company's business strategy.

Executive Committee

The executive team is responsible for implementing and executing the Company's business strategy. The Executive Committee develops and delivers the Company's annual business plan, which in turn is approved by the Board.
The committee is also responsible for identifying and recommending new business opportunities, monitoring operating and financial performance and prioritizing and allocating resources accordingly in line with the Company's business models.
The Executive Committee identifies and manages risk in accordance with the Company’s Risk Appetite and Risk Management Framework. It also ensures that the Company meets its legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Rajnit Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Rajnit shapes and influences the future development of the Company and ensures that it delivers on its strategic objectives. includes finance, human resources, information and communication technology, governance and law, property and infrastructure support, policy and strategic partnerships, and business intelligence.

Sarbesh Nandini
Managing Director
At Intech Systems Corp where she develops new ventures and delivery models for one of the most challenging markets - India. She also implements various programs in Delivery Excellence raising our overall operations' capability to the next level.

Abhishek Pandey
Chief Technical Officer

Abhishek  is responsible for coordinating all technical and quality matters within the Association. These duties include acting as representative on various international standards committees and acting as representative on various committees monitoring directives that impact members. 

Vikash Kumar Singh
Chieft Financial Officer

Vikash assists with the preparation of the annual budgets for the Association, and is responsible for the preparation of the monthly management accounts as well as the annual statutory company accounts. He oversees the day to day management of the finance department. Vikash also liaises with the Management Accountant of Skills for Security, a subsidiary company. Vikash attends the Operating Board and Council meetings.

Chandra Sekhar
Vice President

Chandra Sekhar is responsible for leading the team in undertaking all the services and activities of the sales including: membership services, technical and quality matters, administration, events, communications and PR. He maintains a high level of contact with government, civil servants, overseas bodies, and is heavily involved in industry regulatory activities.

Monica Sharma
HR – Admin Head

Monica is responsible for maintenance of the members' database and membership list, and administration of section activities including meetings, committee elections etc. in accordance with the bye-laws.

Navin Sinha
Independent Legal Advisor

Navin and his team provide advice and guidance to ensure that all commercial decisions made by the company are fully informed by the associated legal and regulatory risks and that such decisions are appropriately approved within the enterprise's governance structure, in a timely fashion.
Independent Advisor’s

Independent advisors drives the Company's sales growth through the formulation and delivery of strategic sales and retention plans that are based on adding value to customers. He works closely with the wider organization to translate customer needs into strategic business initiatives and developments.

The Board provides oversight, challenge and direction on all issues of strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct. The Board sets the Company’s strategic aims and then implements these through its approval and regular monitoring of business plans and budgets prepared by the Executive Committee.


Why Us....

We are a professional, approachable, highly skilled and trained team with a proven track record and a loyal customer base. We are neither a ‘one man band’ nor a very large service provider which allows us to deeply understand our clients business and IT needs.

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