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Cloud computing is a disruptive phenomenon, with the potential to make IT organizations more responsive than ever. Cloud computing promises economic advantages, speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity and innovation.

The global deployment of cloud datacenters is enabling large scale scientific workflows to improve performance and deliver fast responses. This unprecedented geographical distribution of the computation is doubled by an increase in the scale of the data handled by such applications, bringing new challenges related to the efficient data management across sites. High throughput, low latencies or cost-related trade-offs are just a few concerns for both cloud providers and users when it comes to handling data across datacenters. Existing solutions are limited to cloud-provided storage, which offers low performance based on rigid cost schemes. In turn, workflow engines need to improvise substitutes, achieving performance at the cost of complex system configurations, maintenance overheads, reduced reliability and reusability.

What do today’s most innovative organizations have in common? They’re the most enthusiastic adopters of hybrid cloud. Organizations running a significant number of workloads in a hybrid cloud environment:

- Increase business agility
- Reduce IT operating costs by 24%*
- Reinvest savings towards digital transformation
Whether you’re just starting out or pushing your existing deployments to the next level, Our industry-leading portfolio puts you out in front. Modernize your data center, embrace hybrid cloud and deliver business success. How far will it take you? You decide.

Our solution is environment-aware, as it monitors and models the global cloud infrastructure, offering high and predictable data handling performance for transfer cost and time, within and across sites. OverFlow proposes a set of pluggable services, grouped in a data scientist cloud kit. They provide the applications with the possibility to monitor the underlying infrastructure, to exploit smart data compression, deduplication and geo-replication, to evaluate data management costs, to set a tradeoff between money and time, and optimize the transfer strategy accordingly.

Cloud computing forces you to wrestle with three key strategic, operational and people challenges:


Cloud computing enables speed, agility and innovation. You need to move from the drawing board to deployment. Is your organization ready to adapt?

Cloud Computing Environments:

You need to choose a cloud computing environment that's right for your organization. Should you consider private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud solution? Which vendors play in this space? Will they be in business 12 months from now?

Security & Privacy:

If someone else is running your computers and software, you need strategies to stay secure. Your security policy depends on how many pieces you control – the more you own, the more you control. Are you ready to extend your enterprise security policy to the cloud?

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